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Soft launch session 1:​

Meet Sharron McPherson (CEO for GJM), Dr David Bray (Distinguished fellow of The Stimson Centre), Suzanne Biegel (Co-Founder GenderSmart Investing), and Dr William Jeffrey (CEO SRI International) as they introduce you to GJM, our purpose and paint a very compelling picture as to why our work matters.

Soft launch session 2:

Sharron McPherson (CEO for GJM) explores the real-time impact that GJM is working to build within frontline communities. Meet Bill Valdez (Presidential nominee Under-Secretary for Management, Dept of Homeland Security) and Deydra Steans as they augment and explore practical opportunities that lie within not only frontline community resilience investment, but also circular economy value proliferation.

Soft launch session 3:

Enjoy a powerful panel discussion, led by Will Thompson (CSO Forbes Ignite) and includes Bill Valdez (Presidential nominee Under-Secretary for Management, Dept of Homeland Security), Emmanuel Lagarrigue (Managing Partner, BeyondNetZero and former Chief Innovation Officer Schneider Electric), where we discuss Frontline Communities and Sustainable Transformation and how to invest in real development that makes a difference where it is needed most.

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DisrupTV with Sharron McPherson and David Bray, hosted by Vala Afshar and Ray Wang

“Resilience matters because … resilience, right on par with climate mitigation, should be the number one investment priority in the world today.

US national security strategy identifies climate change as being in the top 3 threats to national security, and resilience is the imperative focus in addressing this”. ~ Sharron McPherson

“Come for the jobs, stay for the resiliency” ~ David Bray

Join Sharron McPherson in her webinar “The Resilience Imperative”  hosted by Impact Entrepreneur, 30 June 2022 12:00 – 13:15 (Eastern Standard Time)

Resilient people build resilient communities, businesses and governments